To have a dream

No matter how old you are you know the feeling of  “I want that”. When you see something you want to buy and then you get it, let me ask you: are you still that happy? When I talk about wishes, I’m referring to something else… It’s about what you want to do and leave behind.
Not everybody knows what their dream is, some have known it since they were little, others are still thinking. I’m still thinking about it too, but I have an idea and I’m pretty sure what’s my yume(“dream” in japanese) and it’s a secret :D. You don’t have to know mine to create yours. But after you’ve decided on it, don’t take it lightly and don’t take others’ either. Believe and work hard for it! To have a dream is certainly important, so think about it 😀


About littlemisssunny

I'm a sunny person and an otaku. I love this blog and I'll do my best!
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