When you realize you’re not as good as you thought you were

Well, it’s hurts a bit. I’ve been disappointed with some of my marks, drawings and skating skills. I thought I had such a splendid memory, but that’s not true. I believed I was getting better and better at ice skating, truth to be told, it’s like I’m starting from where I started last year, when I learned a lot. I haven’t practiced, but I wanted to be as good as the last year, but… Nope. About drawing? I have no inspiration and I’m having an artist’s block(I stand in front of a piece of paper with my pencil in my right hand and I simply stare at the blank page without doing anything). Well, I might have had a hard day, but that’s no excuse.
So what’s the purpose for this post? No, not to weep about how hard my life is, because I know it’s an awesome life(and I love it:-D). It’s for 2 reasons: 1st is to let you know that I’m not writing something that I’ve just heard or seen at somebody else and I want to post it on my blog. I’m writing from my own experience. 2nd is to let you know another thing: You may not like how you’re doing at a subject, at a project, at whatever else, but you can’t say you’re bad and you’re not good at anything. Work hard to achieve what you want, never give up, even when you see that the fruits of your harwork seem worthless, don’t give up and continue to do your best!

I wish you all a great New Year!!


About littlemisssunny

I'm a sunny person and an otaku. I love this blog and I'll do my best!
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2 Responses to When you realize you’re not as good as you thought you were

  1. aochan005 says:

    Ahh, I’d love to be so optimistic 😀

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