Book vs Movie I

Two months ago I finished reading “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman. Since I enjoyed the book so much I also wanted to watch the film. And so I did . But there are some differences between the two. Here goes my first “Book vs Movie” post…!

Firstly, the message of “Coraline”-the book: Since I read in its gorgeous, original language, I got the real feeling and message the author wanted to transmit: that “Being brave doesn’t mean you’re not scared. Being brave means you are scared, really scared, badly scared, and you do the right thing anyway”. I wrote that quote on a piece of paper and placed it somewhere I could see it all the time :-).
-the film: It pretty much had the same message, but because the movie adds a new character, it also classically tells us that we can’t do everything on our own, that we have to rely on (human) friends too :).

Secondly, the plot: It’s is almost the same in both book and film. I’m not going to tell you the story, I’m going to talk about the differences. If you want to know what the film is about: ta-daaa
Maybe you don’t consider this story being scary, but its idea of being confined in a world where you can’t reach your parents or the real world, where a so called “other mother” wants to sew black buttons in your eyes and  to take your life and soul after that seems pretty creepy, in my opinion, especially for a kid:-D.

Thirdly, of course, the characters. We will begin with the main character, Coraline. The book made me love her: she is clever, strong-witted, pretty polite. I thought she was a bit annoying sometimes but not as in the movie. Man, the Coraline in the film was soo irritating. In the book she was more obedient, she was suspicious about the Other World, where as in the film she was stressing her parents so much and she seemed to hate everything about her life, which might be a good reason for wanting to leave her real world for the Other one without looking back. But that attitude of “I’ve gotta’ be as negative as I  possibly can” stresses me out! I have to admit that the animated  version was  easier to understand, but still, Coraline from the novel wins.
Other characters such as Coraline’s mother and father. In the book they don’t interact so much with their daughter because of their work. When Coraline asked them something they either replied or told her to go and do something else. Her mother cares for her in a distant and unique way(“You’re not going out in weather like that, Coraline Jones”).  In the movie, her mother almost made me think she hated her kid. She could have explained so many things to Caroline, like why she doesn’t have time to play with her, but instead she continues to ignore her or to constantly tell her”Let me work, leave me alone”all the time. With a mother like that  who wouldn’t want to leave for a better Other World?!
We can’t compare the real mother without the “other mother”, sooo… The other mother, who turns out to be a giant spider, is the mastermind of the whole “other world”. In the novel, she is scary and creepy, but the film makes me want to add a “really” in front of those 2 adjectives. Probably because of her voice and the fact that I could see her in action.
The rest of the characters are pretty ok, my opinion. The film also adds another character, Wybie, which is nice and annoying at the same time.
Moving on to… the cat. He doesn’t have a name, in the book he insisted no one needs a name, so I’ll plainly call him “cat”. The cat was my favourite character in the film. I just love him and his voice, the way he behaved in any situation, talking with superiority. I liked him in the book as well, he was somehow cute and “cool”, but in the movie I just loved him.

And lastly, the feeling. What is a horror for kiddies if it doesn’t have its a scary atmosphere?  The book made want to finish reading it as fast as I could, unfortunatelly not because I was scared, but just because I wanted to know what was going to happen to the little Coraline. At least not before the last 2 or 3 chapters. Then I was indeed worried for Coraline and yes, a bit afraid. The movie also  gave me some goose-bumps and had a creepier touch. The film is so special because it was made “by hand”(stop-motion technique), with love. Watch here (“”) and here ( and even here( why I like this film so much.

Personally, I like them both equally. Which one do you like better?

Have a sunny day!
And again, sorry if I have any grammar mistakes or misspelled words


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4 Responses to Book vs Movie I

  1. aochan005 says:

    Well, it’s true that there are differences between a book and the movie adaption, but I think it’s good to see the story from another point of view too.

  2. Madryt says:

    Hey, you used to write fantastic, but the last few posts have been kinda boringˇK I miss your super writings. Past few posts are just a bit out of track! come on!

    • I kind of agree with you on the fact that they have got boring. Lately, “doing your best” has been my only topic, ’cause it’s the only thing I’ve been thinking about.
      Don’t worry, I’ll start writing more interesting posts soon 😉 thanks for your opinion

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