When you don’t want to study…

I’ve been feeling like that lately. I have so many tests and so little time. And even right now I have some things to study at Biology, but I just can’t and so, I’m writing this article, thinking there might be others like me.
I don’t know about you but usually I do have my “study mood”, but not in the last few days. And I need that mood right away!!

So then I realized: I am constantly trying to persuade myself to keep and keep learning, which is not healthy! I have no efficiency and I have to go back so many times to re-read things again, to try to understand everything from the very start. I need breaks, so I’ll have them. Watch a movie, read a book, draw, cook, go out, whatever, just don’t lose time worthlessly looking at the walls and then say “Oh, yeah, right, “Meiosis”… What was that again?”
I’m definitely not saying “Don’t learn, because you don’t feel like it”, I’m just saying: take breaks, do what you want to do, don’t force yourself to learn by heart, instead take things easy, look at them in a logical perspective.

I hope you understand my message and good luck!

P.S.: Sorry if there are grammar mistakes, it’s really late and I think I’ll go to sleep


About littlemisssunny

I'm a sunny person and an otaku. I love this blog and I'll do my best!
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