Yeah, so life is awesome (another short update~)

It’s weird how sometimes I browse the internet and somehow I find myself here (on this blog) and I feel like a stranger. It’s fascinating to see how I used to see things at 14, or even two months ago compared to now O.o. My principles haven’t changed so much, but my tastes and mind did.

I made a tumblr blog (kinda mainstream, but, oh well.. 🙂 that you can access by the way here ( ), I’ve been listening to Placebo, Arctic Monkeys, Marina and the Diamonds and Christina Perri more and more. In the last two months I’ve read a few books, but no so many (Divergent, Looking for Alaska, The fault in our stars, Ruby Red, Stephen King On Writing, Insurgent, Rules of Attraction, The running dream and now I’m reading Allegiant), mostly YA books. I’ve decided that this will be my “chill year” and I’ll do pretty much what I want. I’ll read whenever I want, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night to draw my dreams, I’ll go out more with my friends instead of studying biology. This is not me having a tantrum or slacking off on a whim. It’s just me, being tired of worrying so much about everything.

By the way, life has shown me that no matter how much I plan how things will turn out, there’s a high chance it won’t happen like that. So I’m trying to enjoy everything, without thinking how things will be. It’s enough to know I’ll be there to find out ^^

I’ve been thinking more and more about seriously writing a book someday.

As always, please forgive any grammar mistakes.

Have a sunny day




About littlemisssunny

I'm a sunny person and an otaku. I love this blog and I'll do my best!
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